Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit Review, Uses and Features

The world of smartphone photography is evolving day by day, and Xiaomi is going one step further with their “Photography Kit” invention. The newly launched Xiaomi 14 Ultra comes with a Photography Kit, just like last year’s Xiaomi 13 Ultra. The Photography Kit offers an exciting way to enhance smartphone photography experience. This kit, designed specifically for the Xiaomi 14 Ultra, aims to bridge the gap between a phone and a professional DSLR camera. Let’s know more about the Photography Kit.

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Xiaomi 14 Ultra Photography Kit Setup

The kit box includes a leather-textured back case, which comes in 2 colors – Black and White, also available with a Photography grip, a 67 mm adapter ring, Metal decoration ring, Orange color for black kit box and Gold color decoration ring for the white kit box, and a user manual (with a warranty card).

There is a small button in the right corner of the back case; after pressing and holding it, the rings can be changed. There is also the option of adding additional lenses via the 67 mm adapter ring to further enhance photography.

The grip included in the kit connects easily via USB Type C, where the grip’s settings are displayed in a pop-up message on the screen upon connection. The photography grip can be connected to the Xiaomi 14 Ultra via a USB Type C port for more stability and low latency compared to Bluetooth on the predecessor model.

Photography Kit Uses

Talking about the use of a camera kit, it is better to talk only about the photography grip because most of the features are hidden in the grip itself. The grip does not cover the entire back panel; it usually covers 1/3 of the bottom of the phone. A shutter button, a zoom lever, a custom dial, a red video button can be seen at the top. Press the shutter button lightly to click “Single Take Picture” which gives the experience of taking photos with a professional camera.

There is a zoom lever that enables digital zoom during video recording and still photography (up to 120X). Some uses of the two-stage shutter button include half-pressing the button to switch the camera lens into focus mode and half-pressing the shutter button in the phone’s gallery to launch the camera interface.

The main lens of the Xiaomi 14 Ultra supports 50 MP with a variable aperture of f/1.63-f/4.0. The main lens apertures can be increased or decreased with a custom dial on the grip. The custom dial button can be customized in various ways by going to the settings. This button is set to EV by default. Follow these steps to change it to Aperture:

“Camera Grip > Setup grip button > Customize dial > Aperture”

After following these steps, the custom dial will control the aperture. By rotating the dial, you can change the aperture value. Let’s see some pictures of it.

Photography Kit Features

The Photoretapy Grip has a built-in 1500 mAh battery, which can charge the smartphone battery up to 23%. The grip can initially provide 1060 mAh of power; it works like a small powerhouse/UPS.

The photoretapy grip can withstand power loads of up to 90W wired charging and charge smartphones. When the grip is connected to the phone, if the smartphone’s battery is below 80%, the smartphone will charge. And if the battery is above 80%, the grip will charge.

There are some features inside the grip that can be customized to your own preferences. Let’s know the other features of the camera kit.

Shortcut button

  1. Single photo

Zoom lever

  1. Continuous zoom
  2. Focal length switching

Custom dial

  1. EV
  2. Aperture
  3. Shutter
  4. ISO
  5. White balance
  6. Focus
  7. blur

Video button

  1. Quick video
  2. Shutter button
  3. Photometric weight
  4. Metering mode
  5. White balance
  6. Custom photography style
  7. Super anti-shake
  8. Exposure feedback

All the features available in this kit except the in-built battery are not extra features; these features can be found in the camera settings apart from the kit. But, yes, with this kit all these features can be used with one hand. The Zoom Lever is a useful feature that facilitates zooming by scrolling using one hand, which is quite comfortable. It cannot be denied that the kit comes with the attitude of a professional photographer when snapping pictures with a smartphone. In addition, these features can be customized with the push of a button in terms of image or video recording to make everyday photography easier.

Our verdict

If you want to have most of the camera’s features in one hand, then this can be a good kit for you. The 1500 mAh built-it battery grip can be very helpful in emergencies and the solid back case protects the phone from scratches. If these features don’t matter to you, better stay away from buying it for $ 199


> No, the photography kit only allows you to use the multiple camera features in one hand according to your own customized.

> Globally it is priced at $ 199 and in China market it is priced at CNY ¥ 999.

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